Saturday, 1 August 2015

First Challenge back: Card with Butterfly ( or two, three or more)

Hi everyone.....
Big Hugs to you all

Wahooo! I am back Baby, I am back. 

Welcome to 'Crafting with Dragonflies'. After a bit of an unplanned and certainly unwanted hiatus due to health issues, Crafting with Dragonflies was put on hold.
 I wasn't even sure if I could plan anything into the future. But I am still here and ready to go again.

I recently asked my precious followers, and thanks for giving me great feedback, if playing along in a card challenge without a prize, is an OK thing. The general consensus seams to be that you are not too concerned about winning a prize, but recognition is enough...
That made my heart sing....Awesome.

Sooooo, this means that we won't have any prizes or sponsors for a while and that is just fine with me, as that took up a lot of time, and a bit of stress. Which I am happy to be without for a while.
So no winners but there will be top 3....

This way we can just all have some fun.

For the first fortnight back in, just getting my toes wet so to speak...

Any Card with a Butterfly on it.....( or more)

The Butterfly must be obviously visible and be part of your design ( not an after-thought)

So there you go....too easy. Rules are as before just check the tab, the challenge is fortnightly, just changed it to Saturday start, and it's Australian Sydney time.

Hilde's cards, hop on over to my blog to check at the detes.

This beautiful card has been made by CG. I am so glad she agreed to play along again with us...

Our gorgeous Susan, who has runs Unstampabelles has also re joined and is contributed these gorgeous the look of both of them...thanks Susan...

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Big News

Hi all
Thank you so much for all of your feedback, and private emails I have received.
Well it's given me enough of a boost to go ahead an start up Dragonflies again.

I might need to re schuss the blog site, but will leave that for the moment...

Big starting day?

Saturday, 1st of August...


Friday, 24 July 2015

Would you participate in a Challenge if there is no prize?

Hi everyone.
Think yourself hugged from (very cold) Sydney, Australia.  Hope you have all been well.
I have had a topsy turvey time this year, but am almost back on my feet...Almost.
A big, big thank you for hanging in there with the Dragonflies.

I have a question:

Would you all participate in a Card Challenge if there is no prize at the end?

Please leave a comment....

'Cause that is something that has been on my mind for while..I know that I would take part even though there is no prize...and as a challenge blog often chasing the prizes for the winners and organizing sponsors is the hard part of running a challenge blog...

I would like to start the Dragonflies up again, but only if I can start with half steam.

Let me know...

Blessings Hilde

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Good news

Hi everyone, and thanks for all of you well wishes and good thoughts towards me and all those wonderful praying folk out there...thank you..

I have had good news that the treatment I am on is working...yeah!! Happy Dance

So this is a bittersweet farewell. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. Take time to hug your loved ones, and be very forgiving....don't harbor is too short...

Blessings Hilde